Phonetic Reading

Explore phonetic reading, reading with phonograms/digraphs, and sight words.

Reading, as defined by Dr. Montessori, is “The interpretation of an idea by means of graphic symbols.” Reading is not merely decoding the symbols of our language to identify individual words. It is a complex process that also includes understanding the meaning of individual words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and compositions an Author is trying to convey. Our goal is to help the child learn to decode words as the first step towards becoming an active reader who understands the context and meaning of what they are reading.

The Mechanics of reading activities are the first reading activities introduced to the child. These lessons introduce children to phonics or the concept of deciphering what a word says based upon the sounds the letters make (as learned through work with the sandpaper letters). These activities expand to include phonograms (digraphs or sound blends) and puzzle words (sight words) to help the child build a strong foundation for reading fluidity.

Activities to explore the Mechanics of Reading: