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All-Day Primary was created in April 2020 as a Montessori-inspired resource for educators and caregivers as they supported young children during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted that almost all children have returned to their traditional school environments, and the need for a Learning from Home model has subsided along with the severity of the pandemic. We are happy to continue hosting this site as long as the Montessori community continues to find it useful and informative. Thank you all for helping children across the world continue to develop a lifelong love of learning.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at myesha@alldayprimary.com. For additional information about Montessori, please consider visiting us on Instagram.

Meet the Founders

Original Note to the Montessori Community in April 2020:

Children, parents, teachers, and schools around the globe have recently shifted to a Learning From Home model as we seek to continue the educational process in light of current events. While this situation is not ideal, we are all working to adapt and adjust to this new paradigm. Montessori teachers across the globe are collaborating with families in efforts to offer as much consistency as possible (with regards to conveying Montessori concepts and ideas) while asking themselves daily:

In all honesty, it is not possible. There is no way for anyone to spontaneously recreate the Montessori classroom experience outside of school. We are not attempting to create Montessori Home Schools. (Montessori Home Schools are built around pedagogical training, a robust home-based curriculum, and a full complement of Montessori materials). Instead, we are hoping to offer resources for parents to use as they continue the foster a culture of learning at home.

All-Day Primary was created as a resource for parents and teachers who are working together to accomplish these goals. Each section explains the Montessori concepts or principles considered as teachers offer various subject matters to the children. The sections also include activities that are appropriate for primary-aged children that can be used at home without traditional Montessori materials. There are opportunities for spoken language, art, writing, reading, science, and more. New sections and additional activities are added periodically.

A Note to Parents:

The activities and printable documents available on All-Day Primary are meant to supplement the Montessori lessons or concepts previously introduced by trained teachers. The ages listed are offered as a guide to help narrow down which activities may be right for your child. These activities are solely meant to offer extensions and opportunities for continued experience with Montessori concepts in light of the fact that children are not working in their traditional classrooms. Your child’s teacher can provide the most insight into which activities may be appropriate for your family. Most importantly, remember that these activities are meant to be engaging, purposeful, and fun!

A Note to Teachers:

All-Day Primary was initially created to offer support to the parents in my All-Day community. I have read countless messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in which teachers are seeking Montessori information to share with each other and their families. All-Day Primary is my contribution to our collective pool of resources. Please feel free to use the information found on this page in the way you feel will best support the families in your class. I do kindly request that you not sell these documents.