All-Day Primary Founders

Meet Myesha and Neil Green

myesha southpark

My name is Myesha Green, and I am the co-founder of All-Day Primary. Montessori has always held a special place in my heart. I attended Montessori school from primary (age 3) through upper elementary (age 12) in Houston, Texas. My fondest memories and my love for learning were formed during my time in those classrooms at Little Red Schoolhouse and Red Bridge School. Sixteen years ago, I enrolled in the AMI Primary training and took my first job leading an all-day classroom in Atlanta, Georgia. I have enjoyed every day I have spent with the children, and I hope they have developed the love for learning my teachers fostered in me. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I served as the Interim Head of School for two years of the pandemic. This role helped me fully appreciate how strong collaboration and partnership between parents, teachers, and administrators will ensure children thrive through any circumstances. I extend a heartfelt thank you to my colleagues (in particular) and caregivers and educators across the globe for all you have done and continue to do to support our young children.

neil southpark Please also meet my husband, Neil Green. He is a Montessori husband through and through. If I need someone to repair furniture, rehabilitate a plant, or assemble a tent for outdoor class, he is the one I call on. Neil observed as I worked to create “Learning from Home” lessons for my primary children during Spring 2020 and offered to make the work easier for parents to access. He wrote the software that takes in my word documents, images, audio files, and pdfs from our shared Dropbox folder and automatically generates this website. As the project grew, Neil graciously served as my technical support and graphics illustrator and was the mastermind behind the phonetic sounds page.

He also lovingly created the logo as a nod to my primary school’s emblem:


Thank you, Neil. Without you, ADP would not exist.