Help your child keep track of the days in each month.

How can I help my child understand the passage of times during our Learning From Home period?

As part of our daily jobs in the all-day community, one older child updates our classroom calendar each morning. The other children gather around to watch the child retrieve the next number tile and place it under the appropriate day of the week. While we often sing about the days of the week or share poems about the months of the year, the passage of time is something only grasped in stages with years of experience.


To help keep track of the days, I will add a monthly calendar for children to use while at home. Take a moment to update the calendar with your child each day. Older children are used to updating the calendar and can easily mark off the days until we return to school. Younger children will need your help. Visually seeing the days marked off will help them to understand the passage of our at-home days better regardless of their age.

January 2021 Learning from home Calendar.pdf
January 2021 Learning from home Calendar.pdf
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